Interview with Editor: Darren Jackson

Darren Jackson is the Editor of Grist: The Journal for Writers (on Facebook). A doctoral candidate at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, he has had fellowships at VCCA in France and Virginia and was

Review: Art

[youtube] I’ve been thinking about this promised art-apocalypse that feels like it’s never going to come. I remember hearing, in eloquent and well-argued statements, that the recession was going to wipe

Interview with Alexis Blair Penney

Photo by Danielle Levitt If you’ve never heard of Alexis Blair Penney, you probably shouldn’t admit that. I met him about a year ago and have been thinking about it ever since.

Where to Find Us

Photo by Margaret Kimball Just in case the internet dies, print copies of Sonora Reviews #58 and #59 are now for sale at the following bookstores: #59 Atalantas 38 Main Street, Bisbee,

Interview with Editor: Kelly Davio

Kelly Davio serves as Managing Editor at The Los Angeles Review and reads poetry for Fifth Wednesday Journal. She is the author of Burn This House, forthcoming from Red Hen Press (2013). She is a three-time Pushcart nominee

Two Part Review: Fashion Writing, Part Two

… Continued from previous post I love reading fashion show reviews. Even if everything you’re looking at is too expensive to wear, you’re watching clothing—so, in essence, people—and the ways they are

More Short Short Fiction by Gay Degani

Collateral Damage She scuffles over split linoleum into the shower. Twists on water, mines her plastic basket for ginger scrub, shampoo, the razor—gifts from her daughter-in-law. Shivering until hot steam robes her,

Interview with Editor: Carolyn Zukowski

Carolyn is an American living  in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic, where she owns and operates Hostel Krumlov House and lives with her Canadian husband and two growing boys, aged 8 and 13.

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