To Know Better Our Friends

A Manifesto for Consideration

The gospel tells us that everything is in the poems. The next illogical thing to do is to try and find those things. What are those things anyway? Our last century made that so hard to do — I don’t have to count feet anymore? But what did anapest really mean in the first place? Apparently “I strike back” or “reversed”. We have come so far.

There could be a fear that we are left with so little, but no: we are left now with everything. Could there be any less than everything? The problem now is that, since we have everything instead of just a few things, we have a lot to think about. The only illogical response is to sit and stare and think. The only thing to do, in order to think about all of these everythings, is to consider. That takes time, but what were we going to be doing anyway? Counting feet? All that we have is time, until we run out of time, so let us use that time to think about everything so we can fulfill that long-promised promise and finish off literature, sure and quick.

short short short story by Kulpreet Yadav

The Traffic

The vehicles, the people, the animals, all swam around me like a badly directed movie. But Rita wasn’t there. A buffalo chased a dog and was hit by a car. I sneezed and suddenly she was there. I blinked, smiled. A dog ran past chased by a group of dogs, barking, bringing the world to an end. I wished to cross the road; Rita waved, her scarf running away from her, dancing in the wind. An elephant, cars, a camel, a family of pigs, cars, buses, auto-rickshaws, cars, and a donkey; but Rita was gone.


Kulpreet Yadav is an author who lives in New Delhi, India and loves to hate the traffic on its roads.


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