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Here at Sonora Review we are constantly looking for input. Usually, by input, we don’t necessarily mean both commentary and content, but in this case, right now, we do. Please send content

Letters on MFAs

Continued from previous post. JR: …It’s JR from MB’s class. How’s it going? Where are you now? The main question is: Have you written anything lately? NS: I hope to be finished with

Interview with David Backer

David Backer was born in 1984 in Danbury, Connecticut. He’s currently pursuing a PhD in philosophy and education. His blog is Natasha Stagg: Give us a little history on your website, FictionDaily.

Tucson Success Stories: Lauren Lederman

Lauren Lederman was born in Tucson and raised there for most of her childhood and teenage years. She was a Rotary exchange scholar to Brazil in 2005-2006, won first place in the

Review: Jackass 3D

The second 3D movie I ever saw was Jackass 3D (now playing at El Con and Park Place Malls). My friends Bob and Michael and I went out to breakfast and ordered

Letters on MFAs

Friends and strangers and old classmates and coworkers have all been asking me: What is an MFA? I’m sure I’m not the only one here in this program who gets asked this.

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