Subalpine Fir | Emily Wolahan

Abies lasiocarpa (bifolia) PINE FAMILY H 90’; D 18”. Tree with spire-shaped crown;         Wait,  matted shrub above tree line. Needles 1”,                 

I sing against profit | Jason Magabo Perez

so that I may invent my lungs AIMÉ CÉSAIRE 1.  call this radicalized grief call this rigorous animality call this  divine sorrow  2.   in which there is no innovating  loss in which


grace (ge) gilbert is a genderless poet, essayist, and collage worker based in Brooklyn. they are the author of 3 chapbooks, most recently the closeted diaries: essays (Porkbelly Press 2022), and NOTIFICATIONS

Luck (A Sequence) | Ashley Dailey

Ashley Dailey (she/her) is a writer and multimedia artist from Sargent, Georgia. She mostly writes about family and the cultural legacies of the American South. Her work has received support from the

anamnesis beneath umbrella | J. David

for thirty- seven minutes  i watched the day  break blue across  steelyards  yesteryear forgot  while recounting the names  of my ex-girlfriend’s siblings. i imagine this  to be the kind of forgiveness  a

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