Tucson Success Stories: Ben Schneider

Benjamin Schneider is a coffee shop manager, a musician, and an entrepreneur. He is a lover of gravity and head banging. His bugaboos include lolly-gagging and cockroaches. Natasha Stagg: What are you

Two Part Review: The Wilding, by Ben Percy

Man versus Nature is one of five original narrative conflicts, and over the years stories and novels about the interaction between humans and the wild have been piling up. Ben Percy’s aim

Tucson Success Stories: Carlee Hill

Carlee Hill is a 24 year old Leo. She has appeared as many incarnations around town, including the former KXCI deejay Suzuki Bean, a member of the cast and writers of last

Two Part Review: SoundQuest Fest (Part Two)

Continued from previous post. Erik Wollo, a Norwegian guitarist, played after the break. His music made me think of when you are shown videos in health class that begin with sun-spotted footage

Tucson Success Stories: Diletta Zenaida

Diletta is the daughter of Vietnamese and Chilean immigrants. She graduated from the University of Arizona in 2008 with B.A.’s in History and Classics and has spent the majority of her almost-adult

Letters on MFAs

See previous posts with similar titles. NS: I’m sure you’ll get into better programs because you won’t be hungover and unprepared for your GREs, right? …I love Tucson and I’ve heard good

Two Part Review: SoundQuest Fest

Steve Roach et al.: SoundQuest Fest 2010 Berger Performing Arts Center Steve Roach is an ambient and new age musician who lived in Tucson for 16 years before the air traffic became

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