People We Love

Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Joshua will be reading at the Sonora Review Community Connection Summer Reading, which is happening at Plush on Wednesday, July 13.  He will be joined by nonfiction maven Daisy Pitkin, who we profiled last week, and poet Jamison Crabtree, who will be featured on this blog June 30th.

Born and raised in Seattle, Joshua Marie Wilkinson is the author of five books of poetry, several chapbooks, and has edited two anthologies (of essays, poetry, and conversations) for University of Iowa Press.  After longer and shorter stints in Ankara, Bratislava, Dublin, Denver, and Chicago, he recently moved back to Tucson to join the MFA faculty in creative writing.

His first film is a tour documentary about the band Califone—called Made a Machine by Describing the Landscape and co-directed by Solan Jensen—and was just released by IndiePix Films this past spring.  Watch the trailer below and visit here for more information or to purchase.

Currently, he is working on a five-book sequence of poetry called No Volta. The first of that series, entitled Selenography, was published by Sidebrow Books last year and features Polaroids by Califone’s Tim Rutili.  A sample:

“an owl breaks the
fold a cut tree spills

a soft crutch

this dust
a freezer stocked
with I

to myself in these very woods.”

Also, the next work in the above-mentioned pentalogy, called Swamp Isthmus, is forthcoming from Black Ocean.   An excerpt from that forthcoming book:

from “Cordial Disappearances”

we stand in for
the moon carry a

slide rule
to the yard under

logging noise
takes practice how
to carefully open

this door with your
eyes down & your colors

intact we put our

clothes back on

slowly before

our laughter turns
us into somebody else’s

In addition to this incredible output, Joshua still has a new chapbook, In the Trade of Alive Letters Mis-sent, is recently out from Brave Men Press.  Plus, he has new poems are out in Lana Turner, New American Writing, Conduit, our very own Sonora Review, and many others.   Lastly, check out his website here.