Bite | by Anne Strand


She bites and chews and gnaws. She is so focused on the tiny words in her textbook. Then she clamps down on the pen cap so hard that it snaps in half.

On the Essay Collection

by Mike Coakley For some time now, I’ve been hungrily purchasing essay collections. I used to avoid them; when an undergraduate professor of mine assigned pieces from Philip Lopate’s The Art of

Ty Segall in Review: Old Miss

Now that Iʼm in bars surrounded by e-cigarette plumes rather than chain- ganging Marlboro smoke, observing bored chicks in matching spiked leather heels to their spiked leather jackets from H&M, and folks

Interview with Beth Alvarado

Beth Alvarado is the author of Anthropologies: A Family Memoir (University of Iowa Press, 2011) and the story collection Not a Matter of Love (New Rivers Press, 2006).  A recent essay, “Days

Interview with Jennifer Denrow

Jennifer Denrow is the author of two chapbooks: A Knee for a Life (Horse Less Press, 2010) and From California, On (Brave Men Press, 2010). She currently lives in Colorado where she

Lydia Ship

Falling in Savannah There are women in Savannah who want to kill themselves.  Can we stop them?  No, not really.  We could stop them for a little while, but they’d only find

Charles Rafferty

Orchard Bright Some people swore that the house was haunted. Some people said it was just the wind. It rose out of the hill like a hunk of pale sky — the

Anna Prushinskaya

An Almost Automatic Problem Solver (1) Write down your problem Donna drove through the subdivision. Don’t you think they are nice, the houses, she asked. She was speaking to no one in

Trey Moody

Let Us Let us begin with the stained mahogany armoire, dating to the 1860s, purchased by one J. Alfred Fiegel, New York, banker, investor, family man. Let us notice the attention to

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