Interview with Abraham Pedroza

I met Abraham in Oakland a while ago. He drums for one of my favorite bands, Bridez, and does lots of other cool things. Natasha Stagg: What are you up to lately?

Interview with Editor: David Kizner

David Kinzer was born in 1989 in Troy, Mi.  He’s a senior at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and is in the English Honors program, writing a thesis on Nazi comparisons.  This

Tucson Success Stories: Starr Belew

Starr Belew has been piercing for six years professionally. She says, “I never had an apprenticeship; I was self taught, and I take every opportunity I get to watch the way someone

Tucson Success Stories: Alisha Lim

Alisha Lim was born and raised in the desert that is Tucson, Arizona. She is 23 years old. According to her birthday book, her lucky number is 13 and her tarot card

Two Part Interview with Todd Freeman (Part Two)

Todd Freeman, ‘The Owlmen of Mawnan‘ Handcolored Copper Etching on Paper, 12″x16″, 2010, from the exhibition ‘As it was before’, with Martin Machado and Aleksandra Zee, January 8th at Gallery Hijinks, San Francisco, CA, (Continued

Two Part Interview with Todd Freeman (Part One)

Todd Freeman, ‘The Wood Maladies,’ Hand colored copper etching on paper, 2009 The Shope Papilloma virus afflicts rabbit populations worldwide, producing horn-like growths of keratin in infected individuals. Early reports of this disease are likely

Movie Reviews: Winter Break

(Continued from previous post) I’ve heard mixed reviews about The Fighter, but I enjoyed it. My one complaint was the structure of the plot. It felt like it was written for TV,

Upcoming Events

A tribute to Steve Orlen will be held at the University of Arizona Poetry Center on Saturday, Jan. 22nd (tomorrow), from 3 to 5 p.m. One of the founders of the Creative Writing

Movie Reviews: Winter Break

(Continued from previous post) I watched the mediocre sequel, Texasville, to the fantastic film The Last Picture Show (both starring Jeff Bridges) the night before I saw True Grit.  It was totally

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