Lydia Ship

Falling in Savannah There are women in Savannah who want to kill themselves.  Can we stop them?  No, not really.  We could stop them for a little while, but they’d only find

Charles Rafferty

Orchard Bright Some people swore that the house was haunted. Some people said it was just the wind. It rose out of the hill like a hunk of pale sky — the

Anna Prushinskaya

An Almost Automatic Problem Solver (1) Write down your problem Donna drove through the subdivision. Don’t you think they are nice, the houses, she asked. She was speaking to no one in

Trey Moody

Let Us Let us begin with the stained mahogany armoire, dating to the 1860s, purchased by one J. Alfred Fiegel, New York, banker, investor, family man. Let us notice the attention to

JoeAnn Hart

Recipe for Curing Meat Ingredients: One middle-aged body, pre-seasoned One small polyp, free-range One four-ounce plastic and titanium Chemo port Two liters sub-lethal chemicals Oxycodone Remove polyp from inside cavity. Note number

Sona Avakian

The Tightrope Walker For a time in my twenties I stole things. Not anything that was actually for sale; I had my standards. But tips that other people left on bars, restaurant

Jennifer Adams

Problems Two young women in a tea parlor, B and C.  They are cousins, one month apart.  As children they shared peaches at the shore, stole quarters for skeeball, capsized sailboats and