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Two Part Interview with Rachal Duggan

I’ve been a fan of Rachal Duggan for a while now and regularly check her Flickr, her blog, and her website. View more of her work in FFFFOUND!, Featherproof Books (where you should download her “Dads” Series”), The Post Family, and LagMag. Here is her artist bio: “I’m Rachal (pronounced RAY-chull) Ann Duggan, and (mostly)

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Notes Taken During Workshop

We take notes during a workshop in order to remember but also in order to appear grateful and interested. Sometimes these notes mean nothing. Up is good, down is bad Black is good, white is nothing “The oldest story of all is replacement. Life goes on without us” –Buzz Story>fable>guilt trip “Youthful what-nots that you like

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Tucson Success Stories: Ryan Glenn

  Ryan Glenn likes to use film to explore societal insanity and delusion. His previous projects include The Maxwell Billington Journey and Funny Meeting You Here. He plans to start preproduction on his first feature film very soon. Natasha Stagg: What are you up to lately? Ryan Glenn: Trying to direct more music videos and writing

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