ARMADILLO | Daniel Scott

Nobody said anything outright but there was always some insinuation. Maybe their eyes wouldn’t blink, or their voices went high as they tried to sound like they weren’t at all alarmed to

Echoes | Ashlyn Zilch


Alice was the first of us to fade away. The first signs began when winter dawned. Early, before the sun rose, the morning dew solidified into crystals, which crunched like gravel beneath

The Dead are Gods | Eirinie Carson

this essay was first published in THE DEAD ARE GODS (Melville House, 2023) I am not really a believer. I suppose the best way to describe myself would be atheist, but then

Subalpine Fir | Emily Wolahan

Abies lasiocarpa (bifolia) PINE FAMILY H 90’; D 18”. Tree with spire-shaped crown;         Wait,  matted shrub above tree line. Needles 1”,                 

Remembering | Tatiana Duvanova

Voronezh, Russia, 26 December 2018 When I got off the bus, my grandmother was there at the bus stop in her brown fur hat and long mink coat. She had owned them

I sing against profit | Jason Magabo Perez

so that I may invent my lungs AIMÉ CÉSAIRE 1.  call this radicalized grief call this rigorous animality call this  divine sorrow  2.   in which there is no innovating  loss in which

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