Transmigration | Justin Groppuso-Cook

I bore the badlands, burned my birth certificate in a sweat of cedar. Shed light upon the burial. So obsessed with stars I toiled with the earth, knowing nothing of the sacred, where

Orange | Jesse Lee Kercheval

I see a shadow at the edge of everything, dear friend, I see a darkness, anhinga  with its ink wings wide. Some mornings the world smells of ocean, others of rust.  Some

Three Poems | Dia Roth

Allergies 2 I didn’t know you could be allergic to cold water. Reactions can range from hives  to death—though yours have always been mild.Summer came late this year, the lake full of fresh 

Two Poems | Maureen Clark

Particles Dark matter moves the universe away                   from itselfhold your breath        the matter           with no name            

A Mother’s Grave | Edison Dupree

This painful stonetooth has nothing to grindagainst but sky.All your panickyrage is coffined,it’s tamped in, deeper than I amtall. Nothing to fearnow but the poison’sown loneliness,standing here,saying its charm, as if to

Two Poems | Rhoni Blankenhorn

Gates Pass At the moment of her death,the cactus wren dive-bombs her own nest.Feathers and twigs tanglein white thorns.Saguaros throw up their armsunable to slow the sun.Chollas turn lustless.Sweating and cold along

Orcinus | Jessica Cordes

I’ve been dreaming of whales. Orcas, in water so clear and blue it makes me yearn for something I can’t place. In the dream, I’m in a kayak on the clear blue

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