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People We Love

On Thursdays, we will be chronicling and celebrating people from Sonora Review and the University of Arizona Creative Writing MFA whom we love.  Please read these profiles and seek out their work.  Thanks and enjoy. Margaret Kimball (henceforth, Margi) Margi is ferocious.  Despite seeking two degrees, she dedicated herself to the Art Direction, Design, and

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Elegy To My American Spirits, For King Hipster Wes Anderson Who Does Not Need Cigarettes

To all my doppelgangers who inspire Urban Outfitter storefront models, I have split, swallowed an octopus, began to two step away from you. Comrades, I am silenced by the sound of the great fountain of time, we are divided by a thin brown stick, not Slim Jim, but American Spirit. John Wayne is my great

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