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Two Part Interview With Rachal Duggan (Part Two)

“Now” by Rachal Duggan Continued from previous post NS: What are you working on lately? RD: I try to keep myself productive and end up drawing random stuff for myself. As long as I am still drawing, I’m pretty content. NS: What else are you up to? RD: For over a year I’ve been compiling

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Two Part Interview with Rachal Duggan

I’ve been a fan of Rachal Duggan for a while now and regularly check her Flickr, her blog, and her website. View more of her work in FFFFOUND!, Featherproof Books (where you should download her “Dads” Series”), The Post Family, and LagMag. Here is her artist bio: “I’m Rachal (pronounced RAY-chull) Ann Duggan, and (mostly)

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