I Have Wasted My Life | Stephanie Cawley

I do understand what would drive someone to chart their loneliness on a grid. I do understand the precipitous tower of books relies on  labors paid and unpaid, mine and others, in

Ditched | Laura Carraro

I sit on the rough cement steps of a country convenience store, keeping an eye on Mom. She’s been on the phone for at least an hour. She has a pile of

Body Process | Jaimeson Oakley

Jaimeson Oakley (He/They) is a trans/queer writer from the hills of Lucasville, Ohio. He is currently a poetry student of the Northeastern Ohio MFA creative writing program at Kent State University. They

The Side of the Road Forever | Heather Aronson

Winner of the Sonora Review Issue 80 Fiction Contest, selected by Lydia Millet Holly’s pee sounded like voices. She used to think it was just the noise it made hitting the toilet,

Paging The Doctor | Luke Larkin

It arrives on my doorstep and I unbox the thing like it’s radioactive, and for all I know, it could be. The wonders of modern medicine are beyond me, and bad news