Interstatial | Michael Mlekoday


All night, the frost-rimmed windowpane / conducts me into new states of sleep, / while town announcements beckon me back /
from days in my grandmother’s yard, /

Germ | Kevin Cody

According to Jan Krufka of Hard Facts Magazine, my studio apartment was a musty, dank lair. He told his readers about the tissues I had tucked into the crevices of my corduroy

Register of the Centennial | Brandon Downing


Brandon Downing’s collections of poetry include The Shirt Weapon (2002), Dark Brandon (2005), AT ME (2010) and, most recently, Mellow Actions (2013). In 2007 he released a feature-length collection of short digital

Strange Joy | E J Cousins


lucidity a single rope     the way in which there is no way detach allow myself a façade    indistinguishable from change walk down the blockinto the empty morning air  & here small thingsprecious

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