Homecoming | Bethany Kaylor


A cinematic image of nostalgia is a double exposure, or a superimposition of two images. The moment we try to force it into a single image, it breaks the frame or burns

The Velocity of a Pendulum | T.L. Pavlich

At three in the morning, Oya rouses me from sleep. The dog stands on the bed and stretches, then steps onto the floor with her front paws and walks forward, dragging her

Durag | Cymelle Edwards

for Derick Sometimes we’re reminded where we’re fromlike the Gila Monster trapped in its cageat the Museum of Natural Historythat everyone else thoughtwas a snake I didn’t correct them maybe that’s what

In a Big Country | Richard C. Lin

In the kitchen of the Rodehouse at the Rodeway Inn, I start at the bottom of the food chain: dishwasher. It’s challenging work, about as glamorous as it sounds, and I go

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