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Interview with Greg Lamer and Robin Sontheimer of Rabbit Catastrophe

Rabbit Catastrophe Review was created by Greg Lamer (fiction and art editor) and Robin Sontheimer (poetry editor) in August of 2010 when they moved from Kansas City, MO to Lexington, KY.   They are a small, independent literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, and art. Lewis DeJong:  What made you guys want to start a journal?

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Mixtape Monday: Kelly Scherwitzki

As I travel from Tucson, AZ to Tallahassee, FL I realize that summer is frequently the time for me to leave places and people behind—because of this I have two conflicting sides: Sad-girl Side: 1. Lupita Palomera  –   “Perfidia” (as heard in Casablanca) 2. Waylon Jennings  –   “Anita, You’re Dreaming” 3. Louis Armstrong

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Two Part Review: The Wilding, by Ben Percy

Man versus Nature is one of five original narrative conflicts, and over the years stories and novels about the interaction between humans and the wild have been piling up. Ben Percy’s aim in his debut novel, The Wilding (Graywolf Press), is to establish himself among the great nature writers, as is made clear by an

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