Dig | by Zach Jacobs

Even though I was finally piecing my life together, I wanted desperately to get the hell out of Nebraska and away from the ruins I was trying to leave in my own past. Maybe I was trying to give myself something to look forward to as well, something other than interminable sobriety, that terrifying prospect.… Read More Dig | by Zach Jacobs

Call for Submissions: Desire

Non-Contest Submissions: “Desire” (Issue 75) UPDATE: We have re-opened non-contest submissions for fiction, nonfiction and poetry for the next two weeks, until Saturday, November 10th, 2018. Submit! Contest Submissions: “Desire” (Issue 75) Submission Period: September 24th – November 5th Finalist Judges:  Jo Ann Beard – Nonfiction Contest Nicole Walker – Flash Prose Contest A desire can be… Read More Call for Submissions: Desire